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Mr Bear & I_edited.jpg
11 Old West Hopkinton Breezeway Ceiling.
11 Old West Hopkinton Moving In Clipboar
11 Old West Hopkinton Tile Cutting_edite
L & I in Shingle Painting Euphoria_edite

Our imagination, desire to dream,

              ability to create . . .           are all gifts we are blessed with.  


In that creation, every space, every piece, has the potential to be beautiful. 

Hello, I'm Cheryl

I'm excited to meet you and learn how we can collaborate to create something beautiful!  


To share a bit about myself, if there were one thing that drives me above all else, it's the desire to make people happy.  That, coupled with an obsession to create a beautiful space, it's no surprise my journey has brought me here.


Our home, and often our work space, is our sanctuary.  While my passion for organizing and beautifying spaces feels hereditary, the dirve more fully emerged during my time living in Southeast Asia. In travels that led me from Hong Kong to Indonesia, I was obsessed with combing every shop and back alley, studying craftsman, admiring the art and science that created such objects of beauty. I would find this to be true throughout the world and in our own backyard.  

Throughout my professional evolution, from project management and new product development to design, it has been thrilling to achieve harmony in joining creativity with analytics and providing solutions that are an efficient and sustainable use of resources in supply, labor and time delivering the ultimate goal of

a beautiful, functional space.

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