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Lauren & Kevin C., MA

We hired Beautifying Spaces to essentially renovate our whole 1st floor. We are doing this in phases, with the first being our kitchen which is now complete. Cheryl did an amazing job of transforming the space and giving us virtually everything we could have wanted. We never really liked our old kitchen, truth be told. It was built in the early 2000’s and had the dark cabinetry, countertops and tile which was popular at the time. We wanted something much lighter and more modern without being too contemporary. Since we anticipate moving within the next several years, we also wanted to work within a relatively modest budget. Cheryl listened to all of our concerns and put together a look that kept our budget and wants in mind, while also keeping an eye on resale value. She utilized our existing layout with only minor modifications and left our cabinets intact while having them professionally painted. They look absolutely amazing and you would be hard pressed to tell that they aren’t factory finished. These two moves saved us a ton of money and allowed us to replace the countertops which we had previously thought weren’t in our budget. There were other clever cost saving measures she also used, but you get the idea. Cheryl put together a number of different looks with varying color samples, backsplash materials, flooring, lighting, hardware and furnishings.
It was a very iterative and interactive process which we really appreciated. She was extremely patient with us as we tried to narrow down our options and was also very responsive to any questions we had, making herself available by phone or in person if needed. The end result is much more than we could have hoped for. In our opinion, it looks like it cost two or three times more than we actually spent and it’s generated many compliments.
Probably the best compliment we received was from our teenage daughter. One day we came home to find out she had done some baking. Now if you know anything about her, you would know that she outright despises anything to do with cooking. When we asked her what prompted her to bake, she told us that she liked the new kitchen so much that she was just looking for a reason to hang out there.
Thanks again to Cheryl and Beautifying Spaces for finally giving us a kitchen that we actually love to spend time in. We are looking forward to completing phase two next (the great room) and cannot wait to see the end result!

Jean & Phil, MA

I want to first start by saying if I could give a Six star rating, I would give a SEVEN!
My husband and I engaged with Cheryl and Beautifying Spaces LLC for help with a complete renovation of our great room. We've been in our home for 30 years, and although I've always said the space 'has good bones' I've never done the room justice with selecting furnishings and accent pieces. After a long awaited fireplace remodel, I knew I needed some expert interior design rescuing - and along came Cheryl.
After researching several websites and interviewing a few professionals I wasn't satisfied that I'd found the right fit. I discovered Beautifying Spaces website and knew from the moment I saw Cheryl "at work" this would be the right fit for us & we've never looked back or been happier. She is extremely knowledgeable, talented and a terrific resource. She helped us envision relocating the space for our new TV to an entirely different area of the room and I cannot believe how much more inviting and cozy my great room has become. She has exceptional taste and has continuously steered me in the right direction with paint selection (including the kitchen and foyer), furnishings, lighting etc. She's been out to our home several times, and is readily available via phone, email, & text as well. I could honestly go on and on about our experience with Cheryl.
I would (and hope to) engage her in future projects without hesitation. And if this isn't enough, know that she is a genuinely warm and lovely person plus a terrific listener!
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