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In today's marketplace, staging has moved from luxury to necessity.


The National Association of Realtors states, 

Those who generally spend 1-3% of the vale of their home on preparing their home to sell (staging), reap 8-10% increase in average price (fewer price reductions, carrying costs, time on market).


Over 83% of buyers find it easier to visualize the property as their future home 

when it's staged.  


Home staging has become the norm capturing widest buyer appeal in order to sell for the optimum price with studies showing homes sell 79% faster.

  • Within 15 seconds, a buyer will develop an attitude toward a house, whether positive or negative.

  • In looking for their dream home, they will notice and critique every detail, no matter how big or small.  

  • Give them details to fall in love with and a home they can imagine themselves living in.

  • A staged home never leaves money on the table.


It's challenging if not impossible for a seller to stage their own home, with a tendency to be either overly critical and indecisive or very personal, not always appealing to the masses. You won’t believe the difference a few hours can make, strategically and artfully using what you already own, in order to realize a home's full potential and go from good to spectacular!


Occupied staging beautifies and accentuates what is already in the home, highlighting architectural details, maximizing the space and creating emotional connection points that form a bond helping buyers envision living in their future home.  

Level 1:  Walk-Through Consultation & Detailed Staging Report  <On-Site or/via Video>

Phone Consult

The focus of this time is to gain an understanding of your buyer demographic and prepare for our walk-through time.

Staging Strategies

Walk Through


Utilizing a detailed checklist & photo capture, we'll discuss high return-on-investment staging strategies that deliver on what appeals to today's buyers.

Staging Plan

A detailed report summarizing the walkthrough provides a clear roadmap for transformation success and helps you prepare for successful showings to begin.

Levels 2 - 3:  Basic Staging & Mini Makeover - Advanced Staging & Full Makeover <On-Site or via/Video> 

Begin with Level 1 phone consult and whether you are a DIYer and would like to roll up your sleeves or prefer to return home to an organized beautifully staged space, select the service that is right for you. 

Basic Staging & Mini Makeover includes 4 hours in the home and 2 hours of planning and prep time covering:

  • Kitchen staging and organizational strategies.

  • Main living area staging and emotional connection point set up.

  • Main bathroom design.

  • Time permitting, we will tackle other key living areas so you are not only ready for photographs, you will be showing ready.

  • Accessories are truly the icing on the cake and we will create a visual shopping list of what to purchase that forms a bond with the buyer.


Advanced Staging & Full Makeover will cover additional requirements such as:

  • Extended time for larger homes.

  • Color palette enhancement and painting.

  • Curb appeal and landscaping improvements.

The ultimate goal is a home ready for MLS photos and showings.​​  And while the ideal is to work on-site, today's times call for out of the box thinking.  It's amazing what you can tackle with a professional plan and some guidance.

Boston Back Bay Condo Living Room Before
Boston Back Bay Condo Living Room After.
Boston Back Bay Condo Master Bedroom Bef
Boston Back Bay Condo Master Bedroom Aft


In staging for sale, while the ultimate scenario is to deliver an experience to a buyer they can touch and feel, advancing technology continues to open up exciting new worlds especially in consideration of today's market conditions.  Virtual staging brings a space to life in exhibiting a properties best features and illustrating spacial perspective, allowing buyers to feel home while offering the advantages of greater speed, multiple design options and lower cost without disrupting sellers' lives. 

Virtual staging is also advantageous in designing new spaces and redesign when looking to refresh your current home.  It affords a life-like version of a space or home, as well as an array of options. before commitments are made to renovation or new design.

Photograph the Space

Begin with a photo of the vacant space.  With a listing of tips and tricks, you can take your own professional looking photo to form the foundation for our work.

Create a Beautiful Space

Based on your buyer demographic and on-trend decor, the ultimate potential of a space can be visualized.

 If your choosing to redesign/design, you can compare various decors finding the one that speaks to you.

Share or Select

Your empty space will be transformed, whether for potential buyers or your redesign/new design; with an inspired vision, you're one step closer to bringing it to life.

11 Old West Hopkinton Road Lower Level 1
11 Old West Hopkinton Road Lower Level 1
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