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               While art is beautiful, it goes well beyond . . .

Art is healing and inspiring, it transcends cultures, teaches us and enriches our life.  

Pure and simple, art makes us feel good.

Glass by Andrew 1_edited.jpg
Tile Table 1.jpg
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Gift Wrapped_edited_edited.jpg


Create something beautiful that will bring joy every day . . .

for yourself or someone special.


                   ~ Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, special occasion with a custom piece.

                               ~ Transform a memento into something that brings you joy.

                                     ~ Restore the beauty in a special piece of furniture.

                                   ~ Turn something functional into something wonderful.

                                         ~ Imagine a blank wall as the perfect canvas.


Thank you so much for submitting!

If you would like to create something for a special occasion or have a glimmer of an idea that you would like to chat about it, just give a shout.

Create Custom Piece
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